Monday, November 18, 2019

What Spiritual Issues Surrounding A Disaster Can Arise For Essay

What Spiritual Issues Surrounding A Disaster Can Arise For Individuals, Communities, And Health Care Providers - Essay Example It has been observed that due to particular disaster people primarily get emotionally affected. The approach of disaster management most of the time, fails to assist people in overcoming the losses including emotional trauma and other kinds of emotional distress due to high level of disaster (Act alliances, n.d). In this context, people need the support of spiritual care to overcome the aftereffects of any particular disaster. It has been observed that during any particular disaster, several communities of people and diverse cross sectional individual are seeking the assistance of spiritual care. It will be worth mentioning that these faith based organizations are showing an additional contribution towards providing spiritual care to those people who are in need of the same. Spirituality also refers to the aspect where one individual requires support of extra ordinary human care. Spirituality is believed to help people in ensuring early recovery from any kind of mental trauma (National Disaster Interfaith Network, n.d.).

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